• " We need you to
    deliver a presentation ”
    . . . How do you respond ?
  • Deliver brilliant
    . . . we'll show you how !

Get the tools and confidence to deliver brilliant presentations every time. Our workshops are packed with practical, tips, techniques & ideas.

How do you respond?

Your heart starts to race, your brain begins to buzz
You get a vague feeling of excitement mixed with nerves & lots of questions . . .
What will & I say ?
What if my mind goes totally blank ?
What slides do I need ? . . .

The good news

It’s easy to think that some people are just born natural presenters.
It’s just not true! They all spend hours meticulously preparing, practising & fine tuning. Good news!
Presenting is a skill that can be learned & developed by everyone.

Welcome to Up Front

Up Front gives you the tools and confidence to deliver brilliant presentations every time. Training and coaching individuals & groups to deliver presentations with confidence, credibility and power. We embrace, harness and grow everything that makes you uniquely you. Liberating you to be the very best version of yourself - no sausage making factory here! It’s not about perfection. We believe everyone has all they need to grow and change ~ we unleash the sometimes hidden potential. » Find out how

Our approach

Our bespoke training and coaching is designed with a balance of input and experiential learning packed with practical, tips, techniques and ideas.

Learning and growth is achieved in 4 ways – input, modelling, experience and feedback.

Everyone has room for growth. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or nervous newbie, everyone can learn and grow.

Our style

Our style is energetic and fun, with a serious intent. Using a range of approaches to develop self awareness, technique and competence. We know that people can be stretched beyond their comfort zones when they feel relaxed and able to trust.

The space we create is both high on challenge and support to maximize growth and learning. We begin by listening to you and exploring what will work best for you and your situation . . .

Our solutions